Enjoy our highly skilled team and our expertise in various areas so that we can design the best services and processes to your brand.

  • First, we must understand the needs and requirements of our customers.
  • A confidentiality agreement will protect your intangibles
  • We evaluate the product portfolio and its benefits to ensure a work in line with our portfolio and then we state the business viability through a market analysis.
  • The preliminary research that we conduct evaluates the standards required by regulatory agencies, product approval techniques, pricing, competition and marketplace/target audience.
  • This process results in the development of a customized proposal and in the negotiation of an agreement that is attractive for both parties.
  • After initial analyses, we design the whole concept of the packaging for the mock-up and also to 3D arts in promotional material.
  • In addition, our in-house advertising agency can define brand positioning by developing a regional or national communication and marketing proposal.
  • We have creative solutions addressing a 360º Marketing campaign in accordance with the budget available.
  • We believe that our experience in Strategic Marketing focusing on nutraceutical products in Brazil will be a great feature to facilitate the launch and acceptance of innovative products by national consumers.
  • In addition, the development of the marketing scope is essential for the fast and efficient of the brand / product in the market.
  • We offer all logistics infrastructure and a distribution center that is capable of meeting all needs and particularities of the distributed product.
  • Our partners offer complete solutions that address the stages of the logistics flow of finished products, from their availability in the plant or customs, to the delivery to their final customer, anywhere in the country.
  • Our storage facilities comply with all national standards and provide the highest quality and safety standards.
  • In order to manage all the complexity concerning the operations, we have the ERP ALTERDATA, a sophisticated system that integrates the different points of the chain in a 100% effective way.
  • In this way, we are able to offer a unique distribution and logistics platform for nutraceutical products in Brazil.
  • We have strong product development and regulatory affairs departments.
  • Our professionals are experienced and skilled in order to develop and launch innovations and products, fully in accordance with local regulatory bodies.
  • We have valuable experience in the submission of applications to all the required licenses and documentation for distribution (ANVISA registration and notification) and protection (INPI: Trademark, Patents, Industrial Design) of the products nationwide.
  • We conduct an in-depth survey of the tax chain, identifying the import tax and which taxes are levied on the transaction (VAT), thus formalizing the basis for the commercial policy of your products.
  • With respect to the nutraceutical segment, we believe that the use of an attractive, functional and innovative packaging is an important feature to succeed in this demanding market.
  • In case your company only offers bulk products, we have developed a concept of primary and secondary packaging that will fit to your needs.
  • We have an excellent network of proven suppliers, including laboratories and co-packers.
  • In order to keep selling innovative products, we are constantly searching for international partners who develop cutting-edge technology in line with worldwide trends.
  • We have access to “Radar”, a Brazilian license to importer, which is a prerequisite for any customs activity.
  • Through a team of highly skilled professionals, we offer a complete service and we take care of all the administrative and bureaucratic steps for import and nationalization operations.
  • In coordination with our reliable customs broker, we have the answers to all requirements and we execute the process accurately and quickly.
    The definition of the tax classification of your products in the Brazilian market is the key point of our responsibility.
  • Take advantage of our expertise to get a great opportunity in a rising market.
  • Compliance with the technical standards and requirements of the Brazilian National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (ANVISA);
  • Adequacy of the formulation, packaging and communication according to the RDCs;
  • International consulting in regulatory standards (FDA/HEALTH CANADA).
  • We have a team of highly competent vendors and representatives throughout the country, serving 12 segments in various channels (pharma-food/natural/bodyshops) covering retail, networks and distributors.
  • We are able to introduce new products in record time due to the great business relationships of our Key Account Management with the purchasing departments of the major networks.
  • Our telesales team is composed of trained and skilled professionals, working together with commercial representatives and mainly retail customers, providing agility to the purchase process, with confidence and credibility, thus supplying the needs of the customers.
  • To further increase our portfolio of distributors and also in order to identify new business opportunities, we participate in the largest trade fairs related to our industry in Brazil.
  • After 6 months of service, we will conduct an assessment and balance process in order to adjust the partnership.
  • We review the goals, control the results and identify areas for improvement in the marketing mix (product, price, placement, promotion) and in logistics.

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São Paulo/SP – CEP: 04082-000
Phone: +55 11 4508-0980